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the case for the 400 square villa design, including the first floor of a total of four floors. the whole space in a unified american style of light luxury, through the continuation of copper, leather, cloth, wood four elements, from the look, sense of space and functionality to meet the most universal needs. and in its basic colors and elements of the shop on top of ingenuity. at the same time, as a daily living space, it gives the viewer a strong artistic appeal, and it interacts with the residents with the inspiration of great vitality. and the design of the sitting room and furniture choice, then use modern light luxury and american style of retro elegant style, strive to depict a fashion, atmosphere, elegant art scene at home, make it contrast between the old and the new. the dining room embeds fireplace and candlestick elements, in good lighting and color contrast, add a sense of lightness and sophistication. the kitchen color uses more partial warmth, the metope, the ground grain careful arrangement, from the detail constructs the american style light extravagant deep level impression, guarantees the entire room design emotion to continue. the rest of the bedroom design is also highly unified with the overall style. at the same time, compared with the extensive layout of the basic style elements of the living room and dining room, the master bedroom details are created more exquisite, just for a little bit of the heart of good, stay in this only belongs to the owner of the private space, as beautiful as a bedside lamp, with a unique glass lampshade of the wall lamp, temperament match the delicate but free attitude of life, is bound to be a happy choice of life. of course, as one of the key elements of american-style luxury, the color treatment of the brighter "copper" elements, in the space is the finishing touch: lines, pendants and other objects, because these elements fit together to make a great style footnotes. create a unique, comfortable, elegant, warm space atmosphere, with simple and efficient design techniques to build a pure living situation, giving space vitality.

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