Helping Residents Experiencing Financial Hardships from COVID-19

California Apartment Association’s Safe at Home Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought frightening and uncertain times, leaving many Californians with health challenges and economic difficulties. The California Apartment Association urges rental housing providers to act with compassion and work with residents who face COVID-19 related hardships.

The last thing Californians need when they are struggling to maintain stability is to lose the safe place they call home. In this time of crisis, CAA members offer stability as they provide safe homes to millions of Californians sheltering in place.

To ensure this stability, CAA calls upon every California rental housing provider to support CAA’s Safe at Home Guidelines by committing to the following through May 31, 2020:

  • Freeze rents on all residents & pledge to not issue any rent increases.

  • Halt evictions on renters affected by COVID-19, absent extraordinary circumstances.

  • Waive late fees for residents who pay rent after the rent due date because they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and related government actions.

  • Offer flexible payment plans for residents who cannot pay rent by the due date.

  • Direct renters to available resources to assist with food, health, and financial assistance.

  • Communicate with residents proactively that you are available to assist them and want to work with them to ensure they remain housed.

The challenge before us is one like we have never endured.  But as a community of responsible housing providers, it’s our opportunity to help our communities heal. CAA believes rental housing providers have an obligation to stay informed, to look out for each other and our residents, and work together to weather this storm. If we meet this moment, we can come out of this crisis stronger.