The development of Tiny Tim City highlights the City of Santa Ana’s efforts to provide affordable housing opportunities. These affordable residential units are to be located in the heart of Santa Ana, where residents and community members will be able to enjoy features of the new development, such as a central courtyard and outdoor fitness equipment. The three- to four-story building will offer 51 units ranging from 2BD/1BA, 3BD/2BA, and 4BD/2BA. To accommodate larger housing units, Tiny Tim will provide additional parking spaces as requested by community members. 

The Tiny Tim Housing project will partner with two non-profit organizations to support low-income residents. Mercy House will help families and residents by providing supportive services and resources. These will include adult education classes and health and wellness activities. Similarly, Santa Ana Endurance Academy will be located onsite to help activate Tiny Tim’s fitness area. Their goal is to create a community that values health and fitness. They intend to help Santa Ana residents live a healthy lifestyle through fitness programs and training classes. These organizations are devoted to improving the lives of individuals living in Orange County. 

The development is supported through a 9% tax credit award, cooperative lender, and investor partners. In addition, the City of Santa Ana approved $6 million in financial assistance for the project, which has been drawing attention because of its location along 5th street, where the City has plans to develop a light rail. For more information, contact the project manager or visit the following website for project updates.

Contact information

Project Manager: Ali Pezeshkpour, AICP -Senior Planner

Phone: (714) 647-5882