Santa Ana, CA -- During this time of financial uncertainty due to COVID-19, Santa Ana City Councilman Jose Solorio is encouraging residents to check with the California State Controller’s office to see if they have any unclaimed money waiting for them.

The State of California requires banks, insurance companies, corporations, and

other entities to report customer property to the Controller’s office when there has been no activity on their accounts for a period of time. State Controller Betty Yee’s office is tasked with safeguarding that money.

“An important part of the Controller’s work is to ensure Californians receive the money they are owed,” Councilman Solorio said. “Last year there were well over $9 billion in unclaimed property funds. I would rather see those dollars in the bank accounts of our hard working families and small businesses rather than in a state bank account. I encourage all residents to check the Controller’s website to see if they have any money owed to them under their name.”

Some amounts are small, but some are large. For example, during one month alone last year, $488,485 in property claims were paid back to families in Santa Ana.

“Santa Ana residents could have funds waiting for them from a closed bank account, refunds from old purchases, a final paycheck they never received, and more,” Councilman Solorio said. “In this moment of financial uncertainty, this unclaimed money could make a big difference for hardworking families trying to stay afloat.”

There is no deadline or expiration to claim the property once it has been transferred to the Controller’s office. You can check if you have any funds waiting for you here:

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, City Councilman Solorio has put together a list of regularly updated resources for Santa Ana residents at It includes details about how to apply for food or housing support, including details about the City’s moratorium on evictions. It also outlines how you can check on your COVID-19 relief payment, how to apply for unemployment benefits or student loan relief, and other resources for residents who may have lost their job or seen their hours cut due to COVID-19. The website also includes helpful resources for parents, including school district information and learning tools to keep your children educated and entertained during this pandemic.

Visit to find COVID-19 resources for local families and businesses, and to learn more about City Council Member Jose Solorio.