Councilman Jose Solorio has spent his career advocating for a better quality of life for Santa Ana families and businesses. He continually seeks new ideas like the OC Streetcar to enhance resident connectivity, attract more businesses, and create new jobs within the city, which is why he’s been a staunch supporter of the project. His most recent work on the council in regards to this project was a vote on January 23, 2020, in favor of extending the streetcar route.

In partnership with the city, county, and state, OCTA is constructing the 4.15-mile route between Garden Grove and downtown Santa Ana(DTSA). The Streetcar will increase transportation options, reduce demand for parking, and ease congestion with improved traffic flow. It will have a 10-15 minute arrival frequency and ten stops in each direction. The project is expected to be complete in 2022.

The project will benefit residents by making it easier to get around, shop, and explore DTSA. Commuters will also benefit from the improved traffic flow, reduced demand from parking, and being able to get from existing bus and train routes faster. Among others, local businesses will also benefit from this project. It will generate business development, boost sales, and create jobs.

Councilman Jose Solorio has the expertise on how to revitalize our local economy and attract more businesses to Santa Ana. He’s heard out many business owners and residents about what they feel Santa Ana needs. Now, he’s working on their behalf on the council, to ensure we get a better Santa Ana for all. This is the type of leadership we need for mayor, someone who will get straight to work and get the job done.