Fun Family Functions for Santa Ana.

There is no doubt our current situation is unprecedented. Having young ones at home all day may be difficult, especially when they have lots of energy. Are you having trouble coming up with ideas for your kids? Consider these activities for your children, whether it’d be in your house, yard, or a park— of course, while practicing social distancing.

Among the many activities one can do inside, reading a book is the easiest and most practical one. If you have a toddler, read to them. For older children, teach them how to read, or have them read to you. Then discuss their favorite part or the entirety of the book. For adolescents, encourage them to read, if possible, an entire series. It only takes the first book to get them hooked. 

Another activity that children enjoy are science experiments! They’re easy, fun, and educational. Many science experiments can be homemade with supplies like paper towel rolls, rulers, strings, aluminum foil, and more. Check out Cool  Science Experiments Headquarters website for some tutorials.

Looking for an outdoor activity? Consider a yoga session out in your patio or yard! Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean one can’t go outdoors. With your young ones, practice a few poses, stretch, and relax. There are many great videos online for all levels of expertise. For short sessions of yoga, watch Yoga for Kids. Remember to breathe in, breathe out and relax!

Speaking of relaxing, do some birdwatching! During this crisis, one thing we can do is enjoy nature. It's Spring, so there is plenty of them around. You can have your young ones count as many as they can or identify them in a few seconds as they fly away. Here's a list to help you identify the birds in Orange County. To add some fun, have a picnic outdoors in your yard or a park. If the weather permits, enjoy your lunch outdoors!

During these unusual times, ensure that your children stay active and social. So take a walk with your children, play outside in the yard, or ride bikes around the neighborhood. For many more fun activities, visit Newy with Kids

And remember, do not interact with others and practice social distancing. Stay safe!

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